How to help your child to sleep through the night

Feel empowered with takeaways you can put into practice to help you and your child get the sleep you deserve

Sunday 14th January 8pm

Sunday 28th January 8pm

What price would you pay for a good night's sleep?


What will I learn?


Take home tips and advice on how to help your child sleeping through the night

What is included in the masterclass:

Sleep Success Expectations 

Recommended amount of sleep for your child

Sleep Success Exhaustion Strategies  

Putting yourself in the best place to achieve good quality sleep

Sleep Success Foundations 

The Basics required for good quality sleep

Sleep Success Timings and Routines

The best timings to promote sleeping through the night

Sleep Success Associations

Steps to nurturing your child to settle themselves to sleep

Sleep Success Coaching Technique

Choosing the best technique for your family


Leave ready to take action so you can get your family's sleep back on track


Feel relieved to understand key reasons why your child is keeping you awake at night

Hear how Kathryn's Six Core Steps to Sleep Success helped Amy...

Sunday 14th January 8pm

Sunday 28th January 8pm

Feel empowered with takeaways you can put into practice to help you and your family get the sleep you deserve

Live Masterclass

As a previous insomnia suffer, mum to Oliver a former sleep thief and a certified Family Sleep Consultant, I provide you with the solution to getting yourself and your child better sleep

Meet your Certified Family Sleep Consultant

The techniques presented in this masterclass have helped me go from feeling exhausted, ill and low to ready to bounce of bed ready to start my day full of energy and gratitude

Kathryn Stimpson, Mother of a Former Sleep Thief

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